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Moral Stories

What LIFE is all about ?

A long time ago, there was an emperor who told his horseman that if he could ride his horse and cover as much area as he likes, then the emperor would give him the area of land he had covered. Sure enough, the greedy horseman quickly jumped onto his horse and rode as fast as possible to cover as much ...

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Parents – The Precious Gift of God

Once upon a time there lived a couple happily. The man worked in a company as a manager and was earning good and the lady was a housewife. They both had a son. One day suddenly in an accident the husband died. The woman now had to work hard so that she could make her son a real gentleman. Day ...

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A Dutiful Son

Once upon a time, there lived a faithful and loving son with his parents. He was very poor and earned money by cutting wood and selling them. During winters, one day when all the three were sitting near the fire a sudden gush of wind came through the cracks of the hut and the old man shivered. Immediately he said ...

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PRIDE – Hath a Fall

Once upon a time a painter named Gorelal lived in a town, Shimla. He was very skilled in his art and felt proud of himself. One day the king came to him and asked to prepare statues for decorating their palace. He made them in no time and he got a big reward from the king. Soon his fame spread ...

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